Learnt in open online courses

I tried to describe my phases (of learning, participating) during last years. Here is my diagram about the most important factors or steps I have made while participating.


I leave the Critical Literacies course outside because I consider it different from these three general courses. I want to assess CritLit separately.

First I had to learn to participate using English and win my shyness. Self confidence is necessary in some amount, I had to build it up and find my knowledge again. I had to get some bonds with participants. It happened after CCK08.

During PLENK2010 I recognized some contributions I could offer for the community, not only my own friends. So this is a description about my growth to a networker (one who has capacity to participate in networking environments). And after writing this here, all seems Very Obvious. Why should I do this? What is my next step?

I could continue this analysis by checking what I have said at the end of each course in this blog: does it match with this? I could find some emotional states according to each phase. I was an autonomous learner and expert in learning issues before participating these courses, but you have to build up the autonomy in new contexts. And I did it, I am proud of it.

But my main question is still about my expertise: what has happened in it? Has it broadened? I suppose it is not deeper in any area than it was in the year 2008. I have learned to use new tools, it is so obvious that I did not mention it, but so what?  How do they help me in my work? What is learning actually? What can be found beyond technology driven development? I learned a new concept yesterday when Teemu Leinonen had his doctoral dissertation: we need informative guessing. This blog is full of my guessings 🙂

5 thoughts on “Learnt in open online courses

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  2. Your expanding role as a mentor and leader demonstrates increasing confidence with the language and environment (though perhaps not with the content which you knew already). I too wonder what I have gained in actual expertise or knowledge (and this is coming from a much lower starting level than you).
    Actually a lot of it may be intangible but still real. I do think that I may have picked up some skills by observing how others like you build and extend relationships; and perhaps, by going back and reviewing how the facilitators managed the progress of the course, I may learn some more specific things about what to do (and not do) when trying to “teach” people to learn independently.

  3. Hi Alan,
    I am glad I came to my Site Admin – other ways I hadn’t noticed that Akismet had assessed your comment as a spam. How in the world it can make so? OK I have to check Akismet spams often.

    I am very interested in these different ways we participate in open courses. I know learning (as much as it can be known) and many participants know ICT, I only use them. Diversity of our expertise is something worth pondering isn’t it. I have to continue by writing an new post.
    And thanks for commenting, Alan.

  4. Thanks for your warm words and animoto greetings, Eva!

    I don’t feel myself wise at all but supporting feedback means a lot.