Something about instructional design

Should I write something .. I am asking myself, my motivation isn’t clear just now. The theme of this week is instructional design and it is something I have been working last 20 years. Periods then or stages or what ever they are:

1988 I began in my current workplace and it was ‘time of process oriented’ curriculum – very few people understood the idea .. but now it is true. Ok then some said that we turned to project-oriented curriculum, it meant that students had authentic projects. All these years we have worked learner-centred, developed self assesment, portfolios and so on. Then it became time of big organisations in Finland ..and we are part ofย  byrocracy. We try to save our beautiful ideas inpite of all the rules. We are very tough, we stay optimistic.

Today I have studied in this course. I liked Grainne Conole articles ( Isuppose both were her or her teams). It is good to recognise that we have tools that align good pedagogy. It makes me happy. The only problem is that I cannot use those good tools, I have to use those that the big organisation gives me, I cannot bother my students to use open free tools, it is too difficult. Oh I sound cynical today, but I am not. Remember : I had a cloud in my first blog post ๐Ÿ™‚

Earlier I had listened Georges’ 23 minutes lecture 2-3 times. It got me think about context, I didn’t tell that we have contextual curriculum, really we have.ย  And I offer space for students’ learning in all my courses. Pattening, wayfinding, sensemakig – that is the way. It is easy to agree with George.

I could’nt open Conole session (and Manitoba didn’t open yeaterday) , but I repeated Couros session which dealt with open teaching, too. Second listening means that I can follow better and slides help a lot. And it was interesting to listen last night’s Ellumination, it opened – I felt myself a spy from Europe when you talked Canadian jokes. Culturally rich course – but the pedagogical thought are all the same and it is nice.

So: last 2o years I have lived in the middle of “world is changing very fast” talk, so what? Why all this talk? Is there somebody who doesn’t know it, yet, or to whom do we speak? Action is better that talking, so:

I should ask: How could I better collaborate with my students in order to …. what? I hope it is next week’s theme ๐Ÿ™‚ Teaching and learning culture has developed in described direction ( I mean CCK08) and it is good to change experiences of succesful pilots. You can see our curriculum for international group in English here

2 thoughts on “Something about instructional design

  1. Hi Heli,
    Your story of teaching in Finland resembles mine in Denmark. I was educated in the late 1970’ties as you may have read in my post here
    I think that in this period the ‘design’ was very ‘loose’. Projects-oriented learning was sometimes ‘easy’ for (some) teachers, good learning-opportunities for the ‘strong’, self organised, upper- and middle-class student, but unfortunately we lost too many of the ‘weak’ and less self dependant and they ended up without sufficient skills. The reaction from the liberal (right wing)government was to implement national, standard tests, competition between schools on grades to ensure better results. I think it is necessary to work out good designs including curriculum and tests. But the main issue is to keep teachers motivated, loving their job and the interaction with students, now supplied with web 2.0 tools.
    Thanks for your comment on my ‘grumpling’ post I know that blogging is for my own benefit, at first, but as I’m raised to ‘groupthink’, and has not yet learned to be a networking, autonomous, individual, I like your recognition.
    Funny that we live in the same neighbourhood and Scandinavian culture, and write in English. Ok, you are Finnish? That’s a different story. How do you manage to read all the stuff, texts, blogs, think pedagogical thoughts and write about it all in a foreign language? It’s hard labour, taking a lot of time for me?
    /Jorgen C

  2. Thanks for answering, Jorgen

    Using foreign language is hard labour as you said, I suffer most about “not being myself”, I am too serious, not nuancees enough.
    I have a son, 25 years and excellent English (as other young people in Finland) – he told me that I write Enlish like a teenager (schoolgirl?). So I can feel myself very young!
    I have to read your position paper …I will