Reflections – third week

Three weeks have gone and I want to write somethig about my studies. I just listened to the Friday Discussion and almost could follow it šŸ™‚ This is a good way to practice my ability to use English. Perhaps it is my point during these weeks. I know the concepts and I can follow discussions.

It is a great/ enormous job to integrate these studies to my earlier knowings. Something will happen until 3 months – has something happened already? I am not sure. I am an experienced teacher an I can easily follow tht stucture and possibilities of this course. I can choose and I know that it is MeĀ who have to choose, not facilitators. The responsibility is all mine. We have been brought together for studying. Course is stuctured but it is flexible enough. This is a great challenge and has immersed me in a way that astonishes.

I can also follow some differences between George and Stephen and I learn from both of them. I had seen the difference in the point Ā “individual – system” before the discussion. Our facilitators are a good model for discussionĀ  without changing opinion to the same direction. Diversity is OK. There is enormous diversity in CCK08 students, its is not possible to follow but it is a source of learning. I enjoy it (if only I could express myself in English…) .

My focus is in learning: what is happenig in human learning? Networked learning is something that I have to know and explore more. Knowing is distributed but it is still an individual who has the brain and the ability to learn. Is there any shared processes, really. I have a shared life process with my husband and a shared process to develope work with one or two or three people. We influence each other. I can see roles and perhaps levels but the process is dynamic and it is hard to capture – and why should I? It is living, isn’t it?

Today I learned that collaboration is not a good concept, its doesn’t say much. Until this day I considered it as a beautiful concept, suitable to many contexts (oh, it is only that: suitable).

We have been asked to write about our positionĀ on connectivism: it is just what I have to do. Wise facilitators we haveĀ – I agree with this assigment. Ā I have to make a map or presentation of my way inĀ  order to participate and give something to somebody during this course. I am/feel Ā lucky to be here!



3 thoughts on “Reflections – third week

  1. First… don’t say you can’t express yourself in English. There’s really no problem – just go ahead! There’s somehting in so deep originating from the traditional Finnish educational methods.. causing us feeling like we need to be absolutely perferct in a new skill before practicing it in public. I’ve been sharing a lot of info with my former colleague on studying 2.0 – blogs, podcasts etc. Yesterday he wrote me that he still feels himself so unsure to use computers. I remember having admired his so much better computer skills seven (!) years ago when we worked together. Now he sais this..?!! I don’t know what to say..

    My original topic to write was actually you having collected female bloggers in your blog roll. I appreciate that. There are so many interesting blogs.. that one category for me to add a blog to my blog roll is the additional selection of bloggers I’ll simultaneously get connected with. So thank you – you and your bloggers’ list are now included in my blog roll.

    I’ve included Twitter as one of my daily means of networking. A couple of days ago I ended up in the middle of an ongoing discussion ping-ponging opinions on how gendered theory connectivism is.

    I marked a note by one member of the CCK08 bloggin community, Steven who concluded “..enjoy reading the gender balanced forums but the connectivism does draw much from macho disciplines of neuroscience and Artifical Intelligence studies.” This diversity of our opinions is really fruitfull. I’m so far felt quite confident thinking that connectivism is an answer to adding a softer, a more social element to digital learning. I’m all question marks in front of such an opinion written above..

    That’s definately one aspect to cover in some reflection during the course. Let’s enjoy the CCK08 further šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks, Irmeli!
    I didn’t mean to connect only female bloggers but only women have answered – it seems to be more natural to be social in this way. I have found some men who write just like me.. Let us see how many men I can get connected here.
    Anyway, I like this network and I am very glad about all these comments.
    Those links to old people are wonderful, thanks.. My blog in Finnish becomes today one-year-old and I wrote yesterday about an event on Tuesday, perhaps your like it:
    http:/ (In Finnish only).