I need blog friends

Today I have spent time in reading CCK08 recent blog posts and I have linked some of blogs in my blogroll. I must have a home here, go to other rooms without Daily or Moodle. If someone doesn’t want to stay in my blogroll, so let me know and I’ll take you off. I selected the blogs that I felt that … blogs were written by living persons that I would like when meeting them. You told honestly about your thoughts and experiences and I appreciate it.

There was still another lady without name, so I link her here (so I don’t forget her).

The theme of this week is networking – and I am doing it, I suppose? Step by step…

13 thoughts on “I need blog friends

  1. Hi Heli, nice to meet you here. Thanks for your comment on mij blog. I find you now and I won’t loose you in the coming months I hope. Stay with the course! For me this course is very difficult, but also very inspiring. In about an hour I will go to the Elluminate-meeting here at my table and try understand what others are saying. And maybe I will say something myself, but if not, no probelem, next time better isn’t it?

  2. Hi Heli,
    What a good idea to spend this network theme week on actually doing it! Nice to meet you here in the blogosphere. I am happy to be your ‘blog friend’.
    Let’s keep on networking and learning!

  3. Thanks Sia for reminding me about Elluminate Live session, I came there. I thought that it should be only at night Finnish Time but it was in the evening. Very nice experience!

    Thanks for comments! I put Sia in blogroll but it is not there, perhaps edublogs do not understand to links to same sites. But I’ll remember you..

  4. Hello Heli,

    I’m looking to connect with some bloggers just so I won’t feel so much like a lurker! May I place a link to Your site in my blog?

    I’ve been commenting on the CCK08 course in my blog in Finnish, but I’ll be happy to change to English.

  5. Hi Heli,
    I’m Jo Ann and I’m really new to blogging to– although I have blogge on other sites — I have only myself on mine yet.
    I’m don’t know how to tag, trackback, or do a lot of linking — but I experiment and some of it works and some of it doesn’t. I am now in a course with AU where I’m blogging — but only with the people in the course — and it is taking a lot of time to do even that regularly, which I am doing. Pleas add me to you list if you like. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and you can find me on CCK08.

  6. hi Heli, nice to connect, am finding the blogs a better way of connecting, the moodle threads are more like pinging ideas, whereas the blogs seem a more considered space,

  7. Hi there, nice to ‘meet’ you all. I have had blog for a year and am loving it. It does take time, though, to build a blogging network so don’t panic. The best way to connect with people is to get out there and comment on people’s blogs.

    I haven’t really got into the CCK08 course yet – am still reading and processing. But I hope to get a couple of posts up over the weekend.

  8. Hi Heli,

    I’m humbled and honored to be on your blogroll! I too having been seeking colleagues to expand my network and may begin to follow your lead–

    Here’s to our new connections! May they be fruitful and fun!


  9. It is so nice to wake up on Friday and see all new comments that you have sent last night when I was sleeping.

    Thanks to all for sharing experiences!

  10. Hi Heli
    What a great idea. You are already creating your own “inner connected ring”. I am going to follow your example and add a blogroll to my blog. You, of course, will be there 🙂
    Also thanks for the comment. I was trying to have a central base in Moodle but that wasn’t working!

  11. Hi, Heli!
    I’m really surprised to find my name on your blogroll! Above all I liked to be considered “a living” person! 😉

    Thank you so much!

    I’m going to follow your example soon