Introducing myself

I am in the very beginning of a new world wide course “Connectivism and Connective Knowledge” which I noticed last week and I began my studies yesterday.

Now I try to answer the questions

1. where are you form: look ABOUT page – I also located myself on the Google map and it was corgious to see all the others – This is a GREATpossibiliity to study together

2. I am really interested in this course: I suppose that best will be to get experience of this all, take part in this. I am  interested in human learning and development – I have always been (and I have age, I am not young any more). I read George Siemens’s Knowing Knowledge” and liked it. Now I can consider what do I like .. what do I mean “liking”.

3. I have to

  • a) refresh my English, it is my favourite problem 🙂
  • I have to read more, I  printed this week’s articles and I begin to read at once. I suppose that concept maps will be a good method.. I have to think in my mind and share my thoughts all the time
  • I must be brave and participate ( I have thoughts that I can’t do this, but I do not listen those voices – I say to myself that I can and I will – I will to learn more!)

4. More about me? I have studied psychology and I know all learning theories. My workplace in teacher education for adult people coming from different areas, occupations, orientations – it is a fine place to develope oneself. I love online teaching because it is flexible and I can meet my students individually.

It is fine to begin this course – I feel very excited …!

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