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When you go to an open course you have to decide what to do there, how to participate. I have my habits from earlier courses or my web life generally. I don’t like to subscribe to discussions or blogs or their comments. I don’t want that my email is full of messages so that I do not see the connections, the thread. I want to go to the original place, for instance Moodle week and decide there how to continue. I need broad entities to study. And I am person-bound, want to know co-learners orientations, not only posts with hashtag #fslt12. I have used Eleni’s blogroll because many of fslt12 blogs can be found there. Now I decided to gather my own list in order to learn by doing. I did the same in PLENK2010 which was my last mooc.

Here is an image of the Google map what gives information about participants’ countries. I am in the north, in Finland. Click the image to see all.

Blogs or First Steps of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education June 2012, Oxford Brookes University, England.

Eleni Zazani, London blog  -she takes care of us, Twitter

Fred Garnet Forest Hill? in Oxford? blog   – a thinker, Twitter

Allan Quartly Australia, indigenous learning,  - blog  at the chalkface

Lucy Johnson Norwich, UK blog

George Roberts facilitator in fslt12 Oxford blog

Cathy Wint has commented me,  the blog

Cris Crissman North Carolina USA blog sessions

Brainsmurf Canada, but who is he? blog  sessions

Jeffrey Keefer NY blogi Silence and voice   +Twitter

Mark McGuire New Zealand Twitter + sessions blog not about this course

Sia Vogel Netherlands blog  Twitter

Vanessa Vaile USA New Mexico many blogs? very active everywhere :)

Scott Johnson Canada moocer

Lindsay Jordan London + art also in PLENK2010 blog

Linda Burns Sail’s pedagogy Durham NC?  blog

Apostopolos Koutropoulos Salem USA blog Multilitteratus incognitus

Coleen Elmer Washington? blog

Ida Brandäo Portugal, blog

Sarah Horrigan  blog

Vikas Nethaji  Oxford  blog

Don’t mind my comments, they only help me to remember something. Very few people are active in Twitter. Some are active in Moodle discussions, some visit on the Blackboard sessions and are active in chatting there. In the synchronous sessions my energy goes to listening but sometimes I notice some chat threads and listening the recording helps to perceive more.

Now this is so long post that I’ve to write another about the quality or nature of participating in an open course.

Let me know if here is something wrong information about you. I have a longer list of names but here are only bloggers. If you want to add yourself to the Google map, go here.


7 Responses to “Just checking my habits in fslt12”

  1. Eleni says:

    Hi Heli, I spotted many names I didn’t have on my list… so thank you. Your comments next to the names add more value to list… brilliant idea!

  2. Heli says:

    I felt myself as a secretary. We get new blog posts via the course blog, but there are only the newest. Perhaps I am odd, don’t use these services. Your list, Eleni, helped me a lot.

    I have still the same habits as in autumn 2010, should I develop ?

    I could use more time to think and less to be a secretary – this is my critical reflection to myself. But sometimes it’s fine to do some concrete actions …

  3. Lucy Johnson says:

    Great Heli,

    I am starting to enjoy your contribution!

    Best regards,

    Lucy Johnson

  4. Lucy Johnson says:

    Yes, who needs to be a secretary, indeed! :)

  5. Lucy Johnson says:

    Very true about Eleni-she has been very kind to me on this MOOC!

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  7. Heli says:

    Comments make me feel happy, it is human, isn’t it?