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Paul Bouchart was our guest on Wednesday Ellumination and I liked to participate in the session. I could follow the presentation and agreed mostly because I have a long history in adult education. It was nice to meet old models as Grow’s self directed learning that we have used in my workplace from the beginning (was it 1991 or). Network literacy was Bouchart’s topic, that is interesting. I appreciate his knowledge about history, it is long in educational sciences. Anyways, Bouchart did not convince me that we have a new theoretical paradigm – or I have lived it through already two or three decades.

Most challenging to me I consider Danah Boyd‘s presentation. I like to listen to her Web 2.0 Expo NY2009 video -there was some negative Twitter backchannel happenings if I remember right. Perhaps it is an evidence about what she spoke :) Flow is an intensive, active state of mind and very few people reach that level. Normally we seek something or entertaint ourselves in internet. Consumer attitude is not dying at all.

Access can be open but simultaneously it isn’t. Not everybody can participate in every open session or possibility. There are many constrains. It is very challenging to live in streams. Attention can easily be fragmented – I suppose it happens to everyone. Sharing can be easy but how about receiving? Democratization has natural limits: only access not attention. Meritocracy: no garantee that the best will win. Human stimulation: not the best content becomes most popular (violence, sex etc ). Gossips and parasocial relations – I have met those many times. Manipulation of trolls – we know this phenomenom in open courses. Homophily and similarity are permanent human desires or habits.

Expert in networking seems to be a dream. Problems in human thinking and participating are the same they have been a thousand years. There are connectors and there are brokers. Insted of relevance there is a big mess. Nicheification is true, not openness.

But whenI amĀ  listening to Danah’s speech I feel a hunch of the better way to live in the stream. I cannot yet but I can become a better networker year by year. Some day I will reach the state of flow in web.

2 Responses to “Surpassing myself is not easy”

  1. Jenny Mackness says:

    Hi Heli – this is an interesting post. Thanks for the link to Dana Boyd’s presentation. There’s lots to think about there. Do you know if Paul Bouchart’s session was recorded? I can’t find one and would like to catch up on it. I won’t be able to attend the next Wednesday session either, so the recordings are the only way I can keep up with the course. Thanks for your kind message on my blog. Jenny

  2. heli says:

    Hi Jenny,
    the recording is not yet found, but if you Google Paul Bouchart Concordia University Montreal you can find articles … but you already know the content :)